Unpredictive Nature.

We all know that nature is very unpredictive in one way or the other. It can change in no time with a blink of an eye. But, have you ever thought what makes it to unpredictive? How is this possible?

Is there any force which causes it. “Lets take an example of a Peacock and its ultimate beauty. I took this picture as I was walking in local park in search of some good clicks. I took this picture coz I was amused by its beauty. At an instant, a question came into my mind. How is this possible? Who has created this endless beauty? This was the point when I was compelled to think by God! God is our only well wisher, he is the only one who has created these creature. He is the only one who has control over nature. God bless us all. (See the picture below)

Shot with EOS Canon, EF 18-55mm 

Can it be Related to Life?

I was walking in my street holding my camera and I came across this electric wire pole. The wires were badly tangled with each other. At that moment I thought, this is how life goes. Just like these wires, life if also complicated. Full of twists and turns. That was the moment when I clicked this picture and somehow related it to life.

Canon EOS 700D, Lens 75-300mm, Aperture 1/4000, Shutter Speed 25, ISO 500